All he thinks about is where to find the next nuts.

Hazel the Chipmunk

Hazel, is a character I created to illustrate our approach to overcoming challenges and achieving success in the competitive digital marketing space. 

Hazel is a cheeky squirrel, whose story mirrors our journey—marked by determination, resilience, and creativity.

Hazel’s adventures, filled with strategic quests for sustenance, reflect our daily struggles to secure opportunities and grow our business amidst fierce competition and constant industry changes.

Why I chose a squirrel.

Its traits. Squirrels are known for their agility, foresight, and resourcefulness, qualities that are essential in SEO and content marketing. 

Hazel’s mission to find the next nuts parallels our search for the next big project or innovation that will push us ahead of our competitors.

The challenges Hazel faces, mirror the obstacles we navigate in our work. 

Algorithm updates, shifting market demands, and competition are our rivers to cross and rivals to outsmart.

Yet, like Hazel, we rely on our strengths—strategic thinking, adaptability, and a focus on untapped opportunities.

I developed Hazel to symbolize not just our journey and the qualities that drive us, but also to serve as a beacon of inspiration for our team and clients. 

Thanks for Reading.

James and Hazel 🐿️